Hi fellow Moke lovers

This is an introduction to the site

My name is Henry & I own this site. Some time ago I had a number of Mokes as they were handy for me as hire vehicles in my backpacker business in Queensland Australia.

Since then I have disposed of them as well as the backpacker business , now just sell used moke parts & broker Moke cars for some people as both buyers & sellers for a commission fee payable to me.

This site is replacing the earlier domain to make it user friendly for both you & me.

If you have a moke story or vehicles to sell or want to buy mokes/parts/project vehicles etc I will be glad to hear from you. Any submission of your Moke photos would also be possible. So email them in to me for posting into the site.

I will be posting into this site the parts I have for sale for your perusal.

If you have any cars or parts for sale let me know as perhaps I can help.

hs cap head pic

Henry Sapiecha


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